About Us

Our Principles

High Quality

Our primary objective is to provide very high quality therapy service sicne it directly impacts the lives of people who need it. So we focus on bringing high qualified, license and experienced professionals and vett them before we place them.

Cost Effective

When we started providing therapy services, quickly we realized that lot of people who need therapy services are in denial due to affordability. We are focused to provide therapy services at the most affordable cost and it benefit lot more people.

Improve Consistently

How do we improve? We go back and revisit what we did periodically and brainstorm with our professionals as to how we can improve. We do it by being versatile to ever growing technology, new techniques and skills in exercises, assignments and followups.

Our story

Nova Health Therapies, Inc. was founded by a Speech Language Pathologist & Behavior Specialist, who also served as a Director of Student Services/Special Education for a 12,000 student California School District.


The Advisory Board of Nova Health Therapies, Inc. comprises of Special Education Directors, Program Specialists, Education Specialists and Speech Language Pathologists with a combined experience of over 75 years in the field of Education and Healthcare.Nova Health Therapies, Inc. is a certified Non-Public Agency, by the California Department of Education, to meet the staffing needs of school districts.

Nova Health Therapies Mission:

To invest in and expand the professional and personal vistas of our Employees

To provide our clients with excellent cadre of professionals, whose skills are embedded in evidence based practices

Nova Health Therapies’ Vision:

To become a strategic global human resource management system providing end-to-end solutions to its clients and partners.

Samrat Roy

Sam Roy is the founder of Nova Health Thearpies. Sam bags MBA from prestigious Santa Clara University in Californa. Sam has worked as Director in Gilroy School districs, California. He has a profession license for Speech & Language Therapy.

Sripriya Natteri

Sripriya Natteri is the HR Administrator. She brings in 10+ years of human resources experience. She manages the payroll, contracts, Visa processing department.


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