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Recognized as one of the fastest growing organization in the area of Education and Healthcare recruitment, strategic alliance with our Education and Healthcare clientele, is the foundation of our partnership. Always adhering to the principles of fairness and honesty in our business transactions, we work in a conscientious and thorough manner.

Nova Health Therapies, Inc. provides the following recruitment solutions to its healthcare and education clients:

  • Direct hiring and contract based assignments of varied duration.
  • Undertake process based indicators and Needs based assessment to direct human resource solutions
  • Audits and consultative model to alleviate costs

Our multi-layer recruitment process begins with screening and reviews of resume followed by initial interviews by our dedicated recruitment team. The final interviews are held with a representative of the Client being part of the interview panel.

On hiring a prospective candidate, Nova Health Therapies, Inc. follows a stringent credentialing and verification process which includes:

  1. Background check
  2. Application
  3. Degree and Transcript verification
  4. State and National License verification
  5. I9 verification/ Work permit/Visa status verification
  6. Records for vaccinations (MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis)
  7. School Service Credential where applicable